Counselling & Mediation:
“Power of Choice”
The Nanton Quality of Life Foundation may also provide subsidies to qualifying residents of Nanton and surrounding rural area who may be attending the “Power of Choice” workshop.  The subsidy helps to offset the cost of the workshop for Nanton residents who may be experiencing financial difficulty and found this to be a barrier to attend the workshop.
“Community Mediator/Counsellor”
When all other pre-existing programs and resources have been exhausted, local residents can access the Community Mediator/Counselling program.  The Nanton Quality of Life Foundation provides subsidy support to local residents who are in need of meeting with a qualified Mediator/Counsellor to provide short-term subsidized mediation and/or counselling.  

Nanton and area residents who meet the financial thresholds of the program are able to access this program. 

The Community Mediator/Counsellor program is specifically designed to provide individuals and families with early intervention support to promote a healthy lifestyle, and healthy parent/child relationships.  

For more information on this program, please contact Nicole Van Langen, Executive Director at (403)646-2436 or