Youth Programs:
"Youth Drop In (YDI) Program"
There is a critical lack of positive social engagement opportunities for youth in rural Alberta.  Nanton is no exception to this.  According to the 2011 Canada Census, the Town of Nanton had a population of 2,132.  Of that population, 315 were considered youth from the ages of 5 – 19; this translates to almost 15% of the population in Nanton.  This percentage is not reflective of the social and community-based opportunities available to youth in Nanton.  Regularly, at the Nanton Quality of Life Foundation record requests from the community for youth engagement activities.  Many of the requests come directly from the youth themselves.  The Foundation does it's best to come up with temporary solutions, but ongoing youth engagement services are not available at this time, due to a lack of dedicated staff time required to successfully engage youth.  
Together, the Nanton Quality of Life Foundation and the Nanton Boys and Girls Club would like to extend the programming available to youth by offering a Youth Drop In (YDI) program.  The goal of YDI is to provide local youth with a safe, fun, and supervised to enhance skill-building and life skills.  The YDI will be a youth-driven program, meaning activities, events, and program goals are based on the interests, requests, and needs of our youth participants.  The YDI program will be for junior high age (10-13).  We will aim to provide opportunities for youth that they may not otherwise have. YDI is a chance to positively engage youth who are looking for more to do with their evenings and weekends, or those who want to give back to their community.  

The YDI program opened on October 28, 2016.  For more information, or to see current schedules, please check out their Facebook page

“St. John Babysitting Course – What Every Babysitter Should Know”
This award-winning course teaches the skills necessary to care for infants, toddlers, and pre-schoolers.  It emphasizes safety, dealing with emergencies, and First Aid basics.  This course is intended for youths 11 years of age and older who want to look after infants and young children.  Participants learn basic skills which prepare them to deal with emergency situations plus general principles of caring for infants and young children.
“Home Alone Safely”
This course is designed to educate older children about the freedoms, responsibilities, and concerns staying home alone.  Discussions and activities cover personal safety, coping with the unexpected, contracts and solving problems.  Children are strongly encouraged to speak to their parents and discuss any concerns they might have prior to staying home alone.
“School Social-Educational Program Support”
The Nanton Quality of Life Foundation provides ongoing support to the two local schools: A.B. Daley and J.T. Foster Jr. & Sr. High School.  The Nanton Quality of Life Foundation offers financial support for social educational presentations at the school as well as proactive, preventive, healthy living presentations.  One example of this is the “FRIENDS for Life” program.  The FRIENDS program is a school-based early intervention and prevention program, proven effective in building resilience and reducing the risk of anxiety disorders in children.  It teaches children how to cope with fears and worries and equips them with tools to help manage difficult situations, now and later in life.  The FRIENDS program is sponsored by the Nanton Quality of Life Foundation and is delivered by the Family School Liaison Counsellor at A.B. Daley School.  
Nanton Afterschool Program
The Nanton Quality of Life Foundation was instrumental in setting up and coordinating the implementation of the Nanton Afterschool Program.  This program is operated by the Boys and Girls Club of the Foothills.

“Youth Championing Youth Program”
By utilizing Search Institutes 40 Developmental Assets, the Nanton Quality of Life Foundation has created the “Youth Championing Youth Program.”  This is a program that supports universal prevention and mental health wellness in youth.  Specifically, the “Youth Championing Youth” program aims to promote protective factors and asset building opportunities for our local youth through support and development community-based drug and alcohol misuse and abuse prevention programming that utilizes youth engagement, peer leadership adult mentorship.