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Nanton Coordinated Community Response to Elder Abuse

The Nanton Coordinated Community Response to Elder Abuse (Nanton CCREA) is described in the video below:


Elder abuse is a serious social and public health issue. Abuse can occur anywhere, anytime and by anyone. It undermines a senior’s independence, dignity, and sense of security, and it damages lives and destroys relationships in the process. Preventing and reducing elder abuse starts with knowledge.

Raising awareness can help community members understand the factors that contribute to the abuse of older adults, how to recognize abuse, and where to go for assistance.

The complex nature of elder abuse means that no single organization or agency can individually address the challenges of elder abuse. Preventing and addressing elder abuse requires broad support and commitment from all sectors within our community.

The Nanton Coordinated Community Response to Elder Abuse (CCREA) involves a network of organizations working together to prevent and address elder abuse in our community. This is achieved through a coordinated, collaborative, community response that identifies, addresses and prevents elder abuse including, Awareness, Education/Advocacy, and Response.

The following video will help you to identify the types of abuse and will provide a list of resources available within Nanton, and the surrounding rural area.

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