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Resource & Referral Services

“Nanton Family Resource Centre” 

The Nanton Quality of Life Foundation provides the Nanton Family Resource Centre to the residents of the Town of Nanton and surrounding rural area. The facility is used extensively by non-profit organizations.

The Nanton Family Resource Centre also provides the space to host events such as Tea at Two, Volunteer Appreciation Celebrations, Family Fun Day, and Senior’s Week Celebrations. The Nanton Family Resource Centre also has an extensive library of books and videos that are available for loan to area residents. Office space within the centre is available for visiting workers to meet with clients from the community. 

Seniors Programs

“Music & Memory Program” 

There’s new hope for anyone with a formal diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease or Dementia living in the Nanton Quality of Life Foundation service delivery area (Town of and surrounding rural of the M.D. of Willow Creek No 26.)

The Music & Memory Program is grounded in extensive neuroscience and is based on how our brains respond to music. The program has been tested and proven in hundreds of long-term care facilities throughout Canada and the United States. The Music & Memory personalized music system has provided therapeutic benefits for thousands of individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease or Dementia.

Music is, of course, a popular recreational activity in many elder care facilities; with good reason. Residents love performances and sing-alongs. Music uplifts the spirit. However, group-based music programs, while meaningful, are time-bound and designed for broad appeal. Selections are age-appropriate, but not necessarily personal.

By contrast, research shows that personalized music playlists, delivered using iPods, have the capacity to transform life for individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease or Dementia. Musical memory is profoundly linked to emotions. These memories are stored deep in the brain.

For example, Alzheimer’s damages the ability to recall facts and details; it does not destroy these lasting connections between a song and memory of an important life event, no matter how long ago.

When individuals suffering from dementia, including a melody connected with a meaningful memory, Many people who have not spoken in years find words and lyrics. They often regain the ability to converse and connect those around them.

Through generous funding from the Nanton Legion, the Music & Memory program launched May 1, 2015! The program is available to participants. Participants will be provided at no cost, an iPod Shuffle system filled with their personalized and music.

To see the program in action, we would like you to meet Henry, who suffered from dementia for a decade and barely said a word to anyone—until the Music & Memory Program was brought to him.

For more information on the Music & Memory, please contact the Nanton Quality of Life Foundation office.

“Inter-generational Drum Circle”

In an Inter-generational Drumming Circle, everyone is respected and accepted for who they are, regardless of their differences in age or life circumstances. No matter how big or small a participant’s voice is, the drum circle listens and appreciates them. Everyone participating in the Drumming Circle has something to contribute.

Drum Circle participants do not require a musical background or skills. There is no right or wrong way to play, and there is nothing in particular that participants will have to do. There is no set rhythm or beat participants will have to produce, and there is no pressure for them to be anything besides their true self.

The Drumming Circle provides a safe environment where inner voice can be found, expressed, and heard through the inspirational sounds of the drums!

The Inter-generational Drum Circle is held at the Nanton Quality of Life Foundation on a monthly basis and is facilitated by Nanton Quality of Life Foundation volunteers. For more information on the Inter-generational Drum Circle, please call the Nanton Quality of Life Foundation.

“Secret Santa for Seniors”

The Secret Santa for Seniors program is designed to enhance the quality of life of for individuals 65 years or older who are alone or isolated in the community. Demographic trends suggest that there’s a growing portion of Seniors living in Nanton who do not have family or a support network. The Secret Santa for Seniors program aims to ensure that Nanton’s most vulnerable Seniors are not forgotten!

Many Seniors are alone for a variety of different reasons. Some have children who do not live in the community or who are not in their lives. Many are widows/widowers, who have simply outlived their friends and family. Some never married or had children and now find themselves alone. Whatever the reason, the Secret Santa for Seniors aims to ensure the senior special and cared for during the holiday season!

Financial donations or gifts that would be suitable for Seniors would be appreciated!

Suggestions for Gifts Include:

● All Types of Toiletry items for Men and Women…

● Gift Cards for Groceries, Toiletries and Healthcare Items…

● Treats - Small Boxes of Chocolates, Candy, Diabetic Treats…

● Magic Bag or Heating Pad.

● Slippers/Socks with Grips on the Bottom.

● Fuzzy Blankets.

● Bubble Bath, Shower Gel, Body Wash…

● Small Tools, Flashlight with Batteries…

● Toques, Scarves, Mitts, Gloves…

● Nail Care Kit, Nail Polish, Nail File…

All gifts can be dropped off at the Nanton Quality of Life Foundation office (located at 1601 21 Avenue.

How Can You Help?

In Home Assistance

The In-Home Assistance programs was developed by the Nanton Quality of Life Foundation, in response to requests for assistance from many of our area seniors who were not able to carry out the heavy work involved with maintaining their homes but were not ready to move into a lodge setting.

The support for seniors to remain in their own homes has many positive benefits for the community. Seniors remain more active in community initiatives and their independence boosts their self-esteem.

“Senior Connect Program”

The Nanton Quality of Life Foundation Senior Connect Program is a voluntary program that helps seniors who might be at risk, to connect to community support services that help them to live safely and independently in their homes. There is no charge for this program. The following situations may indicate that a senior is in

need of help and support:

Mental State – confused, disoriented, memory loss

● Physical – weight loss, difficulty seeing, difficulty hearing, difficulty speaking, difficulty moving, bruises

● – loss of a loved one, anxious, depressed

Social – isolated, unwilling to engage in conversation

Appearance – dirty clothes, uncombed hair, unshaven, unpleasant

Home – needs maintenance or repair, safety concerns, unattended pets

Economic – confusion about money, cannot afford basics

The Senior Connect Program has a three-step process

Step One - Referral to NQLF Office:

The Community Program Coordinator takes referrals from a variety of referral sources including but not limited to:

● Seniors themselves,

● Family members,

● Health Care Providers,

● Doctors,

● Physiotherapists,

● Social Workers…


In order for the referral to be made to the program, the referring individual will have asked and received permission from senior to make a referral to the Nanton Quality of Life Foundation Senior Connect Program. The referring individual will have identified one of the above-listed situations may indicate that the senior is in

need of help and support.

Step Two – Intake is Initiated:

Once the senior grants permission for a referral to the Senior Connect Program, the referring agent would call the Community Program Coordinator with the referral. The Community Program Coordinator would then start the program intake process for the referred senior.

Step Three – Access to Support:

The Community Program Coordinator would then contact the senior who has been referred to the Senior Connect Program. The Community Support Worker would complete the intake form with information provided by the referred senior.

As part of the intake process, the Community Program Coordinator determines what community support services the referred senior requires. The initial contact would determine how often subsequent contact would occur. Contact can vary from weekly office visits to monthly phone calls. All contact for this program is provided by the Community Program Coordinator through in office visits at the Nanton Quality of Life Foundation office or by telephone calls to the senior’s place of residence. 

Community Support & Education:

“Community Volunteer Income Tax Program” 

This program is designed for those individuals who are unable to complete their own income tax returns. It runs from March 1 through to April 30 annually.

If community members meet the income eligibility criteria, they may be eligible to have their Income Tax returns completed through, the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program, where local volunteers complete simple Income Tax returns for those individuals who qualify for the program.

“Colour Me Happy”

Colouring is not just an activity to keep children occupied; colouring is also for adults! Colouring books designed for adults are key tools used to promote, and generate wellness, relaxation, and stress relief! Let us help you, bring joy to your life one colouring page at a time!

Who is this program for? Adults 18 years and older can sign out a colouring kit, free of charge. All supplies are included in the kit (adult colouring book, markers, pencil crayons, pencil sharpener, and information sheet)are contained in a tote bag. Kits can be signed out for 4-months, with an opportunity to renew the kits.  

Counselling & Mediation

“Power of Choice"

The Nanton Quality of Life Foundation may also provide subsidies to qualifying residents of Nanton and surrounding rural area who may be attending the “Power of Choice” workshop. The subsidy helps to offset the cost of the workshop for Nanton residents who may be experiencing financial difficulty and found this to be a barrier to attend the workshop.

“Community Mediator/Counsellor”

When all other pre-existing programs and resources have been exhausted, local residents can access the Community Mediator/Counselling program. The Nanton Quality of Life Foundation provides subsidy support to local residents who are in need of meeting with a qualified Mediator/Counsellor to provide short-term subsidized mediation and/or counselling.

Nanton and area residents who meet the financial thresholds of the program are able to access this program.


The Community Mediator/Counsellor program is specifically designed to provide individuals and families with early intervention support to promote a healthy lifestyle, and healthy parent/child relationships.

Volunteer Coordination

“Volunteer Coordination” 

The Nanton Quality of Life Foundation is fortunate to have many dedicated volunteers who provide numerous hours of volunteer service to community programs and services.

The daily delivery of the Nanton Meals On Wheels program (in addition referral forms to sign up for Meals on Wheels can be accessed at our office)  is carried out through the efforts of our many dedicated volunteers. We are actively recruiting volunteers for this program. For more information, please call the Nanton Quality of Life Foundation office.

If you are looking to volunteer, please contact the Nanton Quality of Life Foundation office to inquire about volunteer opportunities or check out the Volunteer Opportunities “Menu”. 

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